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Make a stop at North Central to officially claim your spot! Simply pull into the Old Main parking lot, park in the Drive Up area, and we'll greet you upon arrival. 您可以告诉立博在线体育您是否需要车辆的帮助,或者您是否想要进入立博在线体育的完整活动体验. Pay your deposit, collect your enamel pins, claim a North Central themed party pack and yard sign, 在热闹的照相亭与吉祥物奇皮合影,并享用节日小吃. You can even meet one-on-one with an admission counselor, 回顾一下你的经济援助offer,并通过有导游的校园之旅最后看一眼校园. 无论您是开车来还是走进来,立博在线体育的团队都期待着您的光临!

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Campus Visit Days

立博在线体育的校园参观日是对中北部的完美介绍. Meet current students, staff, 以及教授,他们会回答你关于NCC的机会和下一步的问题. 你将会有一个导游带领的徒步旅行,在立博在线体育一起的时间里,立博在线体育会带你尽可能多地参观校园. 立博在线体育希望你在离开时感到鼓舞和兴奋,继续你的大学搜索, regardless of whether it leads you to North Central. 如果你正在寻找一个更个性化的NCC,立博在线体育推荐 applied individual visit or prospect small group visit.

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Your Visit Day Overview

Here, 您可以回顾您上次访问的所有信息, including majors and programs, financial aid and scholarships, and next steps on your path to becoming a Cardinal. 你也可以分享你的想法和反馈,这将影响未来的访问日!

Welcome to North Central presentation 
Fun facts, resources, and your Agenda
Visit Day Survey

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Transfer Information Sessions

北中央大学自豪地成为转学生的主要目的地. 加入立博在线体育,了解立博在线体育如何从询价到毕业及以后为您提供支持. 使用转移信息会话的事件类别为工作日的节目和周六访问搜索周末的机会.

Transfer Student Network

Individual Visits for Current Applicants

这个校园参观机会是为申请入学的学生设计的. Whether you have just applied, are already admitted or have made plans to enroll, we welcome you to schedule a personalized visit with us.

个人参观包括与在读学生进行60-70分钟的步行校园参观,以及与入学顾问进行一对一的会面. Please note, 如果你想要成绩单评估,辅导员会议通常为新生30分钟,转学新生1小时. We have start times between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. every weekday. 在下面注册时,请使用“个人校园参观”的活动类别.

We also offer Individual Weeknight Transfer Visits during the academic year on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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Prospect Small Group Visits

Haven’t applied for admission yet? This week-day campus visit option is for you! 前景小组访问可以让你得到所有你需要的信息,采取你与北中央的下一步,并设想自己作为立博体育平台, 同时有机会与其他未来的学生和家庭聊天.

We encourage first-years, sophomores, 3月25日至4月5日参加立博在线体育的春假参观活动. 请注意,学院将于3月29日星期五放假.

这些访问的特点是由招生顾问进行30分钟的介绍,并包括与在读学生进行60-70分钟的步行校园参观. Please note, 如果参观后时间允许,根据辅导员的可用性,可能还包括对未来转学生的成绩单评估. We have start times at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. every weekday. 在下面注册时使用“前景小团体访问”的活动类别.

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School Group Visits

你是高中老师、高中辅导员还是社区大学辅导员? 立博在线体育为您的学生提供量身定制的团体参观. Please bring 1 chaperone for every 10 students; we recommend a maximum of 40 students. 优先考虑高中二年级及以上的学生.

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Saturday Visits

First-Years: 在与一名在读学生一起参观美丽的校园之前,在一个小组中听取一年级入学顾问的入学介绍. 

Transfers: 在与一名在校生一起参观美丽的校园之前,在小组中听取转学入学顾问的入学介绍. 


Schedule your visit today!

确定立博在线体育是否适合你的最好方法之一就是去参观. 无论你是一名被录取的学生,都希望讨论有关你最终决定的问题, 对完成申请有疑问的申请人, or a prospective student just starting your college search, our counselors are ready to assist you and your family.  

Virtual Options

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Virtual Campus Tour

Residence Hall Virtual Tours

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Individualized Virtual Visits for Freshman Students


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Individualized Virtual Visits for Transfer Students


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Campus Photo Gallery

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Planning your visit

From directions to lodging deals to local dining suggestions, we have the resources to make your visit to North Central fun, educational and affordable.

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Getting here

By plane, train or car, here’s how to find North Central. View our campus map

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Our campus is only part of the story. There’s so much to explore off campus as well.

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第一次看到芝加哥或者从一个全新的角度. It's a short train ride away.

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Finding the right college is a big job. After all, 你只是在寻找一个特殊的地方,让你有能力和信心去挑战这个世界. You could use a hand. That's why we're here - to help you manage this life decision. 

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